While companies hope to be busy all year round, there is no denying the lead-up to the festive period can be a particularly challenging time. No matter your industry, you likely have deadlines, and additional tasks to complete, which you don’t have at any other time of year.

In an attempt to finish on time and take care of these extra tasks, it is not uncommon for companies to let some aspects of their business slide. If you have functions that aren’t pressing, it makes sense to focus on more time-relevant tasks, and then return to these aspects later on when things are back to normal.

An excellent example of the sort of work which is often overlooked in December is recruitment. It is easy to say that not many candidates are looking for jobs in December, and you are as well waiting for the New Year to turn your attention to recruitment.

Recruitment is often on the backburner for December

This approach is common. If you and your colleagues are under pressure to complete work before the festive period, it is likely the same is unfolding in other organisations. It is also likely these companies are making the same decisions as you, focusing on the time-sensitive tasks that need to be finished sooner rather than later. This might seem like the sensible approach, but it means recruitment is firmly on the backburner for many companies in December and this might just be the time for you to get ahead of the competition!

When January comes around competition will be high, and it can be difficult for a company to stand out from the crowd when every organisation is active. Wouldn’t you like to give yourself an advantage in the competitive January market, drawing the best talent for your organisation now?

Give yourself a competitive advantage when recruiting

You should allocate time in the run-up to Christmas to focus on recruitment activities. By reviewing your recruitment needs now, you get a head-start on rival firms in the New Year. While these organisations are slowly limbering into action after a merry festive period, you have a plan, and you should have already engaged your audience.

You may even have the chance to reach out to suitable candidates in December. Yes, this is a busy time for people, but some people are keen to enjoy a break from festivities. There are also people who know the New Year recruitment market is challenging, and who would welcome the chance to get a head-start on the best roles.

If no other companies are reaching out to candidates, and you are, it becomes much easier to engage and connect with them. In a crowded market, you have to shout, and you often still aren’t heard. In a quiet market, you can talk directly to people and provide them with the reasons why you are the best fit for their needs.

If you need guidance in reviewing your recruitment practices this December, or you want help in finding the best candidates, contact The Recruiting Office, and we’ll be happy to help.

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