Your job ad is critical in welcoming the right candidate for your company. You want to ensure you connect with likely candidates and appeal to the people you wish to employ.

Here are six tremendous ways to make the most of your job ad

  1. Ensure the salary is listed
  2. Be detailed when it comes to location
  3. Be concise while being informative
  4. Be mindful of the platform you post on
  5. Be mobile-friendly
  6. Format the job ad

Ensure the salary is listed

You may want to be flexible with your job ad, and you may prefer not to dissuade prospective candidates too early. You, therefore, may think that not listing the salary is a suitable strategy. It isn’t. Various studies indicate a job ad with a stated fixed salary receives considerably more applications than a similar job ad with a negotiable or hidden salary.

If you don’t include a salary, you increase the chances of missing out on a prospective candidate.

Be detailed when it comes to location

Many candidates search for jobs by location and even postcode. Therefore, you want to be found by candidates who are looking for suitable jobs in your area. This means your job ad should contain location details.

If the job is a roving role, such as an area manager position, have a base or two where you can centre the job.

Be concise while being informative

Even though you want to get your message across, you need to do so succinctly. Studies indicate the most effective job ads consist of 500 words, and the job title comes in at less than 30 characters. A job ad longer than 500 words is a turn off for many candidates, and you are likely to receive fewer applications with a lengthy job ad.

Be mindful of the platform you post on

If you post on a job board, portal or site, make sure you tailor the ad to make the most of the platform. Some portals allow you to highlight roles on search results; others will enable you to send an email to matching candidates.

You should also look to simplify the recruitment process. The more pages a candidate has to visit to apply, the less likely they are to do so.

Be mobile-friendly

Everyone is using their smartphone to access the internet these days, and the same is valid for candidates. You need to ensure your job ad, and the application process is mobile-friendly. If completing an application on a mobile device is challenging, some applicants will switch to a laptop or desktop, but many will abandon their application.

Format the job ad

You need the job ad to be clear and to be readable. Using headings and paragraphs to create a sense of space helps applicants to read your application and apply.

If you follow these six tips, you increase your chances of connecting with your ideal candidate with your job ad. If you require any further assistance concerning the recruitment process, contact The Recruiting Office, and we’ll be happy to help.

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