One of the most critical things in recruitment is to move with the times. There have been many significant developments in the recruitment industry, with the emergence of the internet being one of the most significant. While modern job descriptions may look similar to traditional job descriptions, they have evolved. Therefore, your job descriptions need to develop too.

In the online era, you need to make sure suitable candidates discover your job descriptions. Even when candidates search on job portals, there is a need for your description to align with their searches, and if you create SEO-friendly job descriptions, you are more likely to connect with the people you wish to interview and employ.

Help people find your job description

Here are your ten best tips for SEO-friendly job descriptions:

  1. Involve managers from the hiring department in the recruitment process
  2. Make sure the job title is tailored to match search terms used by your ideal candidate
  3. Be specific where you need to be, be flexible where there is more leeway
  4. Be mindful of abbreviations, as not everyone may know what you mean or wish to say
  5. With online listings, keyword use is vital, so know which words help you engage suitable candidates
  6. Make the job location clear, and state benefits of this location
  7. Promote the role and the opportunity, selling the job to prospective candidates
  8. Be honest
  9. Once you have stated the requirements, detail your company culture and what you want to achieve
  10. Be mindful of size and formatting

All these aspects are essential, and if you focus on one or two elements, overlooking others, you will likely struggle to achieve success.

There is a need to involve relevant parties from all departments in the process. Recruitment shouldn’t just be left to your HR department. This team can lead the process, but the input of relevant managers ensures you find the ideal candidate for the role.

With the level of competition to be heard online, it is easy to see why some firms make grandiose claims in job descriptions. However, this is the wrong approach and hampers your plan.

Rather than looking to attract as many people as possible, it is better to narrow down the candidates who are likely to be interested in the role. For online job descriptions, quality is far better than quantity. Therefore, it is best to write focused job descriptions, detailing the requirements and honestly stating what you need and offer.

This approach may result in you receiving fewer applications. However, it is likely the applications will be from candidates you wish to meet, improving the standard of the recruitment process.

Focus on keywords, but be natural

If you haven’t used or studied keywords before, you may be concerned about how to use them in your job description. Don’t worry! It is vital to research the keywords likely candidates use and expect to see for the job you offer. You want candidates to find your job description, so using the words and phrases they use enhances the likelihood of connecting with them. In using keyword phrases, be natural, making sure the terms make sense and flow in your description. Resist the urge to jam these keywords in or use them extensively.

Keywords are crucial but always write with a real person in mind, not the algorithms.

If you follow these ten tips, you’ll find writing SEO-friendly job descriptions becomes easier. The outcome is your ideal candidates find it easier to see your listings, and you should receive a better standard of applications.

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