Recruiting the best candidates is challenging, but you can make the process more productive. Your job description is vital. This information is likely to be the first thing a prospective candidate sees regarding the role. Therefore, it needs to grab their attention, it needs to appeal, and it needs to persuade them to pursue their initial interest.

You may be limited in the word count of your job description, but it is still possible to make a hugely positive impact. If you are looking to write perfect job descriptions, here are our five top  tips  to connect with candidates:

  1. Provide information on salary and compensation packages
  2. State information on benefits packages
  3. Detail why your company is an attractive employer to work for
  4. Offer necessary company information such as locations, industry, competitors
  5. List your company mission, vision and values

The tips stated above help candidates picture themselves working for your company. The financial package and relevant bonuses will always be crucial when reaching out to potential employees. For many candidates, remuneration is a ‘make or break’ point, so it is best to be upfront about what is on offer.

If some candidates decide against applying for the role because they believe the pay isn’t sufficient, it is better to lose these candidates earlier in the process.

You also want to provide a flavour of what your company is like, and what you expect from employees. You must bring in candidates who are suited to your business, and who will complement or drive your company culture.

Be realistic with titles

You may think a quirky job title grabs attention and can help you become a viral sensation online, but it isn’t a practical approach to attracting candidates. Think about phrases your ideal candidate use when searching for jobs.

When your job listing matches the keywords used by people you wish to reach, you increase your chances of connecting with the best candidates for the role.

If you can be flexible, be flexible

Continuing the theme of the importance of honesty in the job description, state the requirements of the role. If there is flexibility concerning your ideal candidate, make this clear. When there are aspects where you need the candidate to meet specific criteria, state when this is the case.

Knowing what your “minimum” and “preferred” criteria are for elements like qualifications and experience help you evaluate applications, and it can filter the applications you receive.

Quick tips for writing perfect job descriptions:

  • Write for mobile – use bullet points and subheadings to break up the text
  • Review job descriptions for similar roles or from rival firms – are they doing something you can use?
  • Don’t include too many requirements – focus on your most relevant needs

Writing job descriptions may not seem like a massive task, but it impacts on the candidates you attract and who you eventually employ. If you follow these tips, you’ll hopefully increase your success rate when reaching out to candidates.

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