You know that each candidate is different, and while it is possible to group specific candidates, you need to be aware of the differences between the people you wish to reach. Some suitable candidates are proactive, making it easier for you to connect with them. In all likelihood, they will connect with you. However, what if your ideal candidate belongs to a different group?

Many suitable candidates are classed as passive candidates. If this is the type of person you need to reach, you need to know how to engage passive candidates. If you are focused on filling a particular vacancy, you likely have a firm idea about the nature of this candidate, and it is essential for you to do what you can to pursue your preferred candidate or candidates.

A LinkedIn study indicates that around 80% of employees are passive candidates. However, just because someone is a passive candidate doesn’t mean they aren’t receptive to a new role. Of the 80% who are passive candidates, the grouping is as follows:

·         44% aren’t actively looking for a job but are willing to oooodiscuss opportunities

·         15% are beginning to think about changing jobs

·         21% aren’t looking for a new job

The same study also suggests that people who have been in their current position for less than a year are keen to stay in touch with new opportunities. There are many reasons why your ideal candidate may not be actively looking for a role, but this isn’t to say they will turn an opportunity down if it arises.

How do you engage with passive candidates?

With evidence suggesting passive candidates are interested in new roles, you need to ensure you engage these candidates.

As with most things in the modern era, social media should be at the heart of your activities. It is possible to get to know suitable candidates on social media platforms, and you can develop a casual relationship on these platforms. LinkedIn is an ideal platform to present yourself in the most effective manner and to showcase why you are a company worth working for.

Of course, having a social media or online presence itself isn’t enough; you need to deliver fantastic content that provides value and worth. Even though a candidate may not be looking for a job, they will hold an interest in their industry and relevant developments. If you deliver content that captures attention, you will become the employer these candidates want to work for.

Be social in real life

Social media platforms are essential, but not everyone lives their life online. You need to develop an active presence at industry events, local business gatherings and community events. When you are known as a company in a relevant sector that engages their local community, you’ll find it easier to develop relationships. The more opportunities you create to meet and greet passive candidates, the better.

If the right sort of candidate starts to engage with you, make sure you note their name and contact details. While they may not wish you to make an offer at this time, it is helpful to remain in contact with them.

You may think connecting with passive candidates is a challenging process, but it is possible to develop a presence that ensures you are a trusted and respected company. Following these steps will help you engage the candidates that help drive your business forward.

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