A UK Tech Start-Up is urging organisations to educate and empower employees in the fight to tackle climate change.

Mór has launched a campaign to highlight the impact that businesses have on society and the environment. They have revealed their latest collection of partnerships which raise awareness of environmental, social and governance criteria and corporate social responsibility.

A typical office worker will on average send and receive 140 emails per day, which over the course of a year creates 1688kg of C02 and is the equivalent of using 16,800 plastic bags. Statistics like this are why, Co-CEO of Mór, Craig Unsworth, believe it’s time for businesses to do more than ever to fight climate change:

“People are finally starting to wake up to the effects that their daily lives are having on the planet – not just at home, but in the office as well. People don’t often take this into consideration, and the impact businesses have on the environment is staggering. “

We want to offer business owners and employees a selection of experiences and resources that are not only exciting, but beneficial to a greater cause.”

The collection has already seen some major names come on board. The Verdancy Group, a sustainability training and guidance provider working with individuals and businesses alike has provided resources and discounts on their accredited modules and consultation services.

Director of The Verdancy Group, Steven Kiakowski, explained why partnerships with organisations such as Mór are so vital: “It’s fantastic to have a commitment to zero carbon, but employees and the wider supply chain have to understand the role they play in realising that vision.

A culture change takes in every member of the team – it starts with educating them and explaining what a carbon footprint is and the meaning behind net zero emissions.”

The COP26 Summit has continued to highlight the importance of social responsibility and tackling climate change. Businesses are now under increasing pressure to adopt and demonstrate their sustainable practices and credentials.

Green and innovative organisations are attracting forward-thinking staff who are aligned with their own values and Craig believes that the next generation of talent is looking for something different in their employee benefits.


Original article ‘140 emails per day over a year equivalent to using 16,800 plastic bags’ Written by Chris Brown Published by HR Director


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