Snagging a job that keeps your feet nice and cosy is one thing – but finding one that can promise that and be done from home is quite another.

Welsh brand Bedroom Athletics is recruiting two national Slipper Testers for roles that promise both benefits to support its Chepstow business in the next month.

But there’s even more: the Slipper Testers will also test dressing gowns, throws and cushions for style, performance, warmth, wear and tear, and design – the latter which relates to a sofa. The slipper range will include slipper boots, mules and loafers, made from shearling, faux fur and Harris Tweed fabrics.

The testers will produce written reviews and collaborate with Bedroom Athletics on fit, design and social media.

The roles each offer a £40k pro-rata salary, translating to £333 a month for two days slipper tester consultancy. The two successful candidates can live anywhere in the UK.

Shuffle along in your carpet slippers and form an orderly queue…


Original article ‘The ultimate stay-at-home role: Slipper Testers Required’ Written and Published by The Recruiter

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