Almost half (46%) of employers have increased their organisation’s focus on employee health and wellbeing due to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, according to research by Employee Benefits.

The Employee Benefits Healthcare research 2020, which surveyed 200 HR decision-makers, also found that 46% were confident that they already had a comprehensive health and wellbeing package that would support their employees through these difficult times. With the majority of organisations supporting a largely dispersed, home-working employee base, looking after their physical health has presented a huge challenge.

It is unsurprising then that the most common changes made to support employees’ physical health have been to signpost staff to available guidance and support (65%), increased communications around the health and wellbeing benefits on offer at the organisation (62%), and communicated the health and wellbeing benefits on offer to staff (56%).

Another route employers have taken is to produce information on how employees can remain healthy during lockdown (51%). Despite the challenging circumstances, employers have also introduced new schemes to support the physical health of employees: these include the introduction of a virtual GP service (22%), online fitness classes (17%), benefits with added extras, such as an employee assistance programme with a virtual GP service (10%), and access to nutritional information (7%).


Original article ‘Exclusive: 45% of employers have increased health and wellbeing focus‘ Written by Louron Pratt Published by Employee Benefits


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