The Department for Work and Pensions have published information and guidance for both employers who will have to make redundancies and employees who are being made redundant. The guidance for employers includes information about the free Rapid Response Service, a redundancy service designed to give both employers and employees support and advice about things like: (a) helping people facing redundancy to construct CVs and find jobs; (b) helping people identify their transferable skills and training needs; (c) providing training to help people develop vocational skills; (d) providing general information about benefits; and, (e) helping with costs like travel to work expenses. The guidance for employees includes information about DWP resources, including the free ‘Find a job’ service where individuals can create and manage their own online account as well as tailoring your job search preferences to suit the jobs you are looking for. It also points out other sources providing access to jobs, such as company websites, newspapers and trade journals, word of mouth, as family and friends may know of vacancies and social media, e.g. LinkedIn.

Original article ‘DWP publish redundancy guidance for employers and employees‘ Written by Makbool Javaid Published by The HR Director


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