Almost a third (30%) of employees with caring responsibilities believe that they may have to leave their jobs due to unsupportive employers, according to research by Phoenix Group.

Its research, which surveyed 2,004 employees, also found that a third (33%) of carers aged 18-34 are the most likely age group to feel they would not receive extra flexibility and support from their employer, if they needed it.

Furthermore, just under one in five (19%) would work reduced hours if necessary rather than stopping work entirely, with just over two-fifths (43%) of care workers saying they would struggle to afford giving up work entirely to care for a loved one. A further 20% would quit their job completely if necessary to focus on caring full time.

Additionally, two in five (40%) respondents believe that a flexible-working routine could help them handle caring responsibilities, with 59% of participants citing flexible working as a fair benefit to help them manage their caring responsibilities.

Andy Briggs, chief executive at Phoenix Group, said: “It is a deep concern that working carers feel so unsupported by employers that they may have to quit their jobs in the future.  Regardless of the time spent working for a business, many staff believe they wouldn’t be able to juggle work and take on caring responsibilities given the lack of support available from businesses.

“The vast majority of employed carers want to remain in the workforce, but they need more flexibility and support to enable them to do so. In the current economic environment, it is a worry that people feel they may be forced to stop work and give up their income.

“During the pandemic, we have all seen the important role that those who care for others play and we should not lose sight of that. In light of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) it is more important than ever that business leaders embrace greater flexibility around working hours and put solid support in place for employed carers. Introducing statutory carers leave will be a positive step towards helping those who struggle daily with the demands of choosing between financial stability and caring for loved ones. I urge the government to accelerate legislation for five days annual carers leave and for those employers who can, to make it paid leave.”


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