Making sure that you stand out in today’s competitive world is incredibly important.

After all, though there are more roles out there for professionals in search of career development today, it’s worth noting that you’ll often have to compete with a lot of other experts in the same space to get the job of your dreams. The good news is that you can ensure you make the right first impression by crafting the perfect resume. This is your chance to highlight what makes you special in a couple of pieces of paper (preferably no more than 2).

Here are some top tips to get you started.

Highlight the Right Skills

There’s a reason why you took out those private student loans so you could go back to college and get the perfect qualifications for your new role. Make sure that you take advantage of that fact. Showcase the skills that you know your employers are looking for, by listing the talents that they’ve asked for on the job description. Put the most relevant qualifications first, and get rid of anything that’s not going to be appropriate to the job.

Use the Right Buzzwords

When reading through the job description for your new role, you might notice that a few terms show up frequently. These are clearly wording that matter to your new potential employer, so make sure that you include them in yours too. It’s also worth figuring out what those terms mean, and why they’re so valuable to the company in question. Get in depth when proving yourself. For instance, if your employer wants someone who’s trustworthy, describe a situation in your cover letter or resume where you proved your trustworthiness.

Find the Right Format

The template that you used for your resume a few years ago might not be relevant today. If you haven’t updated your resume in a while, take a look online to find something that might be more beneficial to you now. Consider using a headline to make sure that your name and your credentials stand out. If you have a lot of information to include, bullet points can help to draw the eye down the page. Remember that statistics and numerical facts also attract attention a lot more than random statements. Instead of saying, “I improved productivity in my last role”, say that you boosted productivity by 35%.

Proofread Your Resume

Just because you didn’t notice the mistake on your resume doesn’t mean that the hiring team won’t pick up on it. Take the time to go through your information again and check for anything that you’ve missed. You don’t want to be rejected from a role because you made a spelling mistake. It might be worth sending a copy of your resume to someone you trust before you give it to the recruiter or company too. After, all, another set of eyes could highlight mistakes that you missed. Having someone else check your resume also makes it easier for you to determine whether you’re using the right font and including the correct information.


Original article ‘How to make your resume more appealing’ Written by Stuart Gentle published by onrec


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