Employers who fail to understand good recruitment are keeping poor recruiters in business!

I have worked in recruitment for over 30 years and I am passionate about our industry and know it is largely populated by hard-working, knowledgeable and ethical recruiters.

There are of course some less capable and less ethical recruiters out there but, to the numerous employers who have been complaining on LinkedIn recently, I would say that you are the enablers of the poor service you are so ready to complain about.

In my opinion, too many employers have too little understanding of what good recruitment looks like and assume that all recruiters are the same – believe me when I tell you – you couldn’t be more wrong.

What isn’t a good recruiter?

A good recruiter isn’t whoever can email you CV’s the fastest, or who can send you the most CV’s. It isn’t about who can fill the role fastest and it certainly shouldn’t be about who will work for the smallest fee. Good recruitment is so much more and done well will bring so much more value to your business.

The value of good recruitment

A good recruiter, doing recruitment right, will deliver you the most talented individuals in your sector who will bring maximum value to your business. Individuals who will make a positive contribution to your company culture and the teams they are a part of. Individuals who will become the best possible people they can be within your organisation and who will play their part in helping your company achieve its maximum potential.

A good recruiter is one who consistently follows the previously agreed recruitment plan, a plan that maximises the likelihood of a successful long-term hire and that treats all applicants respectfully throughout the process and protects your company reputation at every step.

The old saying goes “to assume makes an ass of u & me

Too many employers select a recruiter with little if any understanding or agreement of the processes they expect their recruiter to undertake but rather because they are the cheapest. To these employers I would say – don’t be surprised when your chosen recruiter doesn’t do the things you assumed they would or when you don’t receive the service you anticipated.

Like almost everything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Not every recruiter will advertise your vacancy and not every recruiter will search for and initiate contact with potential passive candidates. Not every recruiter will discuss the vacancy with a candidate before sending you their CV and not all of them will interview potential candidates before you interview them. Not every recruiter will undertake necessary ID and eligibility checks and not every recruiter will treat candidates with the respect and consideration you expect.

And, when using recruiters for contingent labour, not every recruiter will comply with the myriad employment laws and regulations which govern the sector, nor will they all ensure that the workers you utilise receive the benefits to which they are entitled or even that they are paid compliantly.

If you want a better recruitment sector

If you want to improve the recruitment sector, before engaging a recruiter know precisely what you want from the individual you want to recruit and what value they will add to your business.

Just as importantly, know exactly what you expect from the recruiter you are engaging with.

Agree with your recruiter what you expect, document what you have agreed and at the end of the process check that they have done everything they agreed they would and judge the quality of the hire you made both at point of hire and after 6-12 months.

And, if you aren’t satisfied with what your recruiter delivered then don’t use them again, regardless of how cheap they were – by doing this, poor recruiters will be forced to improve or they will fade away.

Next time you recruit, play your part in creating the type of recruitment sector you want to work with.


Article Written by Neil Scarborough, Managing Director at The Recruiting Office



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