New research released today reveals that £94.55 is the average daily wage of workers around the UK:

But how does your salary compare? And how much do some of the highest and lowest paid jobs in the country actually take home each day?

The top ten highest paid jobs in the UK can be found below:

Rank Job Title Median Daily Wage (post tax) % Above National Average
1 Chief executives and senior officials £247.11 290.74%
2 Marketing and sales directors £211.47 225.75%
3 Financial managers and directors £188.46 183.79%
4 Senior professionals of educational establishments £175.05 159.33%
5 Medical practitioners £167.71 145.97%
6 Higher education teaching professionals £160.29 132.43%
7 Research and development managers £152.17 117.62%
8 Financial institution managers and directors £149.53 112.80%
9 Human resource managers and directors £148.78 111.44%
10 Business and financial project management professionals £148.41 110.77%

To view the full list of the daily wages for 100 jobs in the UK simply click here.


Originally written by  Abi Bennetts from digital loft and link from LittleLoans.


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