You have a current vacancy, you’ve posted it on a job board and are now waiting for applications to roll in.

Except, the applications don’t come in, the few that do aren’t exactly what you were hoping for or, even worse, you are inundated with applications from unsuitable candidates.

You know your ideal applicant is out there but, they are likely working for your competitors and haven’t seen your advert because they aren’t actively looking for work.

When this happens, you can increase the remuneration package you offer and hope to buy your ideal candidate, you can downgrade your person specification to hopefully match a greater number of individuals and train them up to do the job, or, you can keep advertising and keep waiting until the perfect candidate hits the job market at some point in the future.

Or, you can try and interest one of those suitable individuals currently working for your competitor. Without even knowing it you need to engage with passive candidates!

Now, you are likely well versed in dealing with active candidates, they are on the job boards applying for jobs and firing off their CV’s to all and sundry. They are likely employed but, might be between roles, either way they are active on the jobs market and make up about 25% of available workers.

The remaining 75% are not actively looking for a job move. They might be considering it, they might even have registered their CV’s on a job board or two, they might be keeping an eye on potentially suitable adverts or might have no thought at all of changing jobs – these are your passive candidates and among them is likely to be your perfect new employee!

When traditional advertising isn’t working or when candidate match is paramount, you need to engage with passive candidates.

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