Sadly, finding the right person for the role you’re offering isn’t always straightforward, it can often feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. This is why more and more employers are reaching out to recruitment firms and specialist head hunters in order to fill their vacancies with ease.

When it comes to finding the right candidate, both employers and head hunters will be looking for the same green flags during the interview stages. Read on for 4 signs every employer should look for during the recruitment process.

They exude enthusiasm

Even the best candidates can get a little nervous, but despite their anxieties, you should be able to sense their enthusiasm for the role and your business. You’ll find these clues in their body language and in the tone of their voice. You need to be engaged with not just what they say but how they are saying it. An enthusiastic, prospective employee will talk with pride about any previous work they’ve had, especially if they’re making a move within the same industry. The idea of applying their previous experience to a new role should excite and enthuse them and it’s this kind of interaction that demonstrates how they can contribute to your business.

They already know all about your business

A good, potential candidate should come into the interview with plenty of knowledge about your business. Candidates that do their research, show willing and an interest in a prospective employer display that they have the ability to plan ahead, that they have had the insight to come prepared, and have come into the interview environment with an understanding of your company, it’s ethos and what is expected of your employees.

They see their flaws as a chance to grow

The term of phrase often used in the recruitment process finding the “perfect candidate” although it’s worth remembering that no one is actually perfect and even those who tick all the right boxes aren’t without flaws. The difference is how your potential candidate sees those flaws and uses them to their advantage. For example, a candidate that can candidly talk about their own weaknesses in the workplace or recall a time when things went wrong, and then explain how they learnt from those shortcomings or how they hope to work on their weaknesses, demonstrates self-awareness and a desire to grow and simply get better. This kind of employee is invaluable.

They communicate well

In any business, communication is key. Even if the role isn’t customer-facing, the ability to communicate within teams or within departments is essential to the everyday flow of the workplace. So, when a candidate shows an ability to communicate well throughout the interview process including on phone calls, emails, interviews and meetings with fellow members of staff, you know they’ll be a good addition to your business.

Article – Think you’ve found the right candidate? 4 signs every employer should look for – Stuart Gentle originally posted on Onrec 

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