No. In the absence of any arrangement or agreement to the contrary, a worker must give notice equal to twice the length of the holiday that they wish to take. The employer can then give counter notice requiring that the leave not be taken, so long as this counter notice is equivalent to the length of the holiday requested, and the worker is not prevented from taking the leave to which they are entitled in that holiday year. Employers can also require workers to take leave at particular times, such as over the Christmas period or during the annual factory shutdown. The employer must give notice equal to twice the length of holiday that it wishes the workers to take.

During their first year of employment, workers may be permitted to take only that portion of their full 5.6-week entitlement to paid annual holiday that has accrued due to them at the material time, calculated monthly in advance.

Article – Can workers take holiday whenever they like? – originally posted on XpertHR

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