Are you hanging up your stocking on the wall? Hopefully, you aren’t, as it is too early in the year for that, but Christmas is looming. Some industries are already well into their festive preparations, and if you were to look at the rota of Santa’s workplace right now, you’d find it is operating at full capacity. There is a lot to be said for bringing in temporary workers for the festive period, and this isn’t just the case for Santa and his elves.

There are many reasons why your organisation can benefit from additional Christmas staff, including:

  • A higher demand for your products or services leading to you needing more employees
  • Winter weather causing more people to feel unwell and miss shifts, requiring flexible staff to fill in
  • Holiday requests from employees looking to make the most of the festive period, yet their shifts have to be covered

As an employer, if you can be flexible to staff demands and requests over the festive period, you will hopefully see the benefit in the New Year. If you do your best to support your employees, there is a chance they will do right by you when you need help. Of course, if you make decisions which leave your staff feeling unappreciated at this time of year, you may cause problems for yourself in the New Year.

The start of the year is a time when many people look to make changes in their life. If an employee is disgruntled overworking at Christmas, they may decide to look for new employment in the New Year. Therefore, by being more flexible during the festive season, you may minimise problems in the months which lie ahead.

You need the right staff, not just any staff

Of course, just because you are hiring a temporary worker doesn’t mean you are willing to accept a lower standard of candidate or applicant. Hiring temporary workers only works if you find qualified and suitable candidates who can do the role you hire them to do.

This is a task which may place your recruitment team or HR department under considerable stress. Finding your ideal candidate is a challenge at the best of times. However, trying to find a perfect candidate in temporary circumstances can be even harder. In these circumstances, it is best to call on an expert for help and guidance.

Temporary work helps many people too

The Recruiting Office knows organisations benefit from temporary workers at this time of year. However, many people also benefit from temporary roles over the festive period. Most people benefit from extra money, not just at Christmas but in the New Year too. Some people have availability at this time of year they don’t have at any other time.

The student market is a prime example of people who have more free time over the festive period, and many are keen to work. Working in a temporary position can develop skills and experience as well as bringing in a wage.

If your company can benefit from temporary workers, and you need assistance in reaching the right sort of temporary workers, we can help. Contact The Recruiting Office, and we’ll make sure you have a flexible workforce for the festive season.

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