With Autumn upon us, a lot is going on right now, and these are exciting times for many reasons. If you’re looking forward to Bonfire Night and fireworks lighting up the sky, the beginning of November is likely one of your favourite times of the year.

However, the end of the year is approaching, and this is the ideal time to refresh your working practices. If you’re involved with recruitment at your organisation, you should be looking to light up your recruitment process, now and throughout 2020! If you want to integrate some quick and easy tips that will help you get more from the recruitment process, we are here to help.

Create a process which helps you know what you need

When you advertise a vacancy, do you know what your company needs? You may have an empty chair, or an employee may have left, but should you replace them on a like-for-like basis?

Before you begin the recruitment process, ask why you need a new employee, what the company needs from the ideal candidate, and what duties and responsibilities the new employee will hold. It sounds simple, but many firms overlook this process.

If you know the skills and abilities a candidate needs to succeed in the role, and how they will fit into your organisation, the rest of the recruitment process becomes more straightforward.

Create job descriptions and person specifications

When you know the job you need to fill, and the person you need to fill it, you need to create descriptions and specifications. These should follow on from your findings in the previous step, helping you to create a fluid and cohesive approach to recruitment.

A well-written job description not only helps you connect with suitable candidates, but it also helps candidates know exactly what the job has to offer. A tailored job description that details what you need will hopefully improve the standard of applications you receive.

If you find your recruitment process wastes time sifting through applications from unsuitable candidates, your job descriptions may be letting you down. You should also be clear as to what skills, qualifications and outlook are required in the person specification.

While it is often helpful to have some degree of flexibility in descriptions and specifications, you need some degree of certainty, or it becomes too vague to serve a purpose.

Advertise in the right places

If you are offering a specialist position or a local role, it makes sense to tailor your advertising campaigns to reach these candidates. All companies should look to achieve value for money, and advertising in the right places is the smart way to reach your ideal audience, without spending too much money.

Reviewing applications

If you have followed the previous steps, you should find it becomes easier to review applications. You should have clear definitions of what the role entails, and what your ideal candidate offers. Assess all applications on these terms, and you should be able to differentiate between suitable applicants and unsuitable applicants more readily.

We’ve helped many companies improve their recruitment process, and we can undertake the recruitment process for you. If you are unsure of how to recruit the best candidates, or you are concerned that you are missing out on the leading candidates, we’re here to help.

If you are keen to create sparks with the right candidate and you want to rocket your performance, contact The Recruiting Office, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in recruiting candidates.

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