UK employers are overlooking the training needs of contingent workers, according to global skills organisation City & Guilds Group.

Its research, released this week, reveals that while there are 1.5 million contingent workers in the UK, ranging from contractors and freelancers to volunteers, one in five (20%) UK employers doesn’t carry out any training with contingent workers, compared with one in 10 for entry-level workers. Businesses report the lowest levels of training effectiveness in this group, too, with one-quarter (24%) deeming the training for contingent workers to be ineffective.

The research also found that contingent workers around the world are the most likely to say that the current training they receive has no impact on their performance at work (24% compared with 19% for workers on permanent contracts), while they are also less aware of the purpose and value of training to both themselves and the organisation (18% compared with 23%).

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